Defcon XII, 11, or 0x0b by Epiphany

DAY 2 Friday Aug 1st

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The 'New York' area of the Las Vegas Strip

Subzero and Goober at Ballys' Buffet.

Eating at Ballys'

RootFu AKA Capture the Flag

RootFu Teams



The Bellagio water display

All the floppies of RF4 that we plan to give out at defcon

Window in our hotel room.

Playing with glowsticks in the room.

NightClub Agent wanted me to take a picture of.



Hacker Jeopardy!! Humperdink chugged that entire pitcher of beer

The HAXXX0R girls taking off clothes from Vanna Vinyl


The HAXXX0R taping up people in the audience.

They started taking up Jove who was right next to me...



So I took advantage and tried to get an upskirt shot..

Jove tied up

Posing for me.

Daily Doubles mean Vanna has to strip.

Nuff said.