Defcon XII, 11, or 0x0b by Epiphany

DAY 3 Saturday Aug 2nd

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Hard to wake up after last night.

View of our hotel from across the street.

Instead of Newspaper stands they have these. Funny picture =)

More of them.

Vendor area at defcon.



Agent5 and Subzero teaching this guy a lesson while we stand guard.

Me and Agent5

Agent5 in a suit ready for the 'Black and White Ball' (Rave)





Hacker Jeopardy Part 2 - J0hny_Lightning spots a FED.

However the although he is a FED he's one of the founders of RUBICON.

So instead of a tshirt J0hny gets a picture with the bull guy who has 3 dildos.

Nuff Said.

Kevin Mitnick's team wins.






Nuff Said again.

Party again.