The Great H2K2 by Epiphany



I'm ready for h2k2!

Subway Station

Only a block away now.

Hotel Pennslyvania

One of the first things you see inside.



Man, I'm so early this place is not even set up yet. Lemme volunteer.

Always cool to see a dreamcast running Red Hat.

A bad pic of Cheshire Catalysts' Panel on Phone Operators.

Bernie S's very old calculator in his panel "RetroComputing."

Nothing else to do with this old atari but create a program that loops this.



Wow that's old. We turned it on but it's only a terminal.

Wait is that the 2600 van?

Slate ( and Epiphany (

Hooking up to the network.

Still not many people yet.



Cool! ^_^

Ed Hernstadt, Robin Gross, and Emmanuel Goldstein.

Speaking about their DeCSS ordeal.

A bad pic of Emmanuel.

The 802.11b Panel (Wireless networking)



Aaron McGruder gave an awesome speech!!

The great "Mentor."

Reading "The Hackers Manefesto"

I played Atari for over 5 hours. They don't make games like this anymore.

Heheh. ^_^


Agent05 messing with my laptop.

Me and Agent05 discovered that a secret room on the Mezz floor. We had to literally go through the ceiling to take this picture.

We discovered this too. It looks like the hotel's cable system. Hehehe ;)

The Lockpicking panel. Just plain Awesome. Anyone want to know how to pick  combinations masterlocks?

Probably one of the best panels, Social Engineering. Emmanuel is like a Jedi on the phone, using his Jedi mind tricks to get information.


Hooking up again.

Reminds me of the Matrix.

The hotel again.

The closing ceremony. =(

The Mentor signed my 2600 ^_^


A couple of left-over stickers.

And the stickers that I used.