We are announcing a Call For Articles in regards to Radical Future Issue 6 which will be a dramatic improvement over previous issues. Contact Epiphany for further information



          5-3-04   Epiphany       epiphany@port7alliance.com

          After a long delay the hacker based e-zine Radical Future issue 5 has been released. Get Your Copies. =)

Radical Future 5


          2-13-04   Epiphany       epiphany@port7alliance.com

          So far it seems true. The Source code for Windows 2000 and NT has been leaked. Get your copies.
(Hint: Convert from binary for actual link)


          9-9-03   Epiphany       epiphany@port7alliance.com

          The site is STILL under construction. As you can see we put up our new layout (Props to Scramble) however updates will continue the better part of the month. The old layout can be found here old layout


          8-12-03   Epiphany       epiphany@port7alliance.com

          I finally put up the pics of Defcon 11 from earlier this month. Have fun seeing them. And Discretion is advised there is some nudity in it.

               - Defcon 11 Pics


          7-8-03   Epiphany       epiphany@port7alliance.com

          It turns out that internet users aren't the only ones who 'pirate' music. It turned out that AOL also has tons of music files on their servers. The URL http://ftp34e.newaol.com/pub/music/ discovered by J0hny_Lightning tells the whole story. Heh I think someone should contact the RIAA. ;)

          Also this Thursday (7-10-03) at 8:30pm (-5 GMT) we will be holding a private (invite only) IRC meeting. So contact me if you want to participate. Finally Send your articles for our ezine Radical Future.


          5-14-03   Epiphany       epiphany@port7alliance.com

          I have just finished this nice temporary Matrix Theme in honor of the release of "The Matrix Reloaded." Although as a culture we generally have problems with the MPAA (Corporation that makes American films) due to their oppressive nature when it comes to "Fair Use Laws", being the great film that the matrix is, I will make an exception and actually pay for my ticket.

         Anyway if you are wondering; the picture above was taken in the Chambers Street Station in NYC early in the morning on my way to school. The station is near wall street. I used Photoshop and gimp to modify the image. Enjoy!

"The difference between a movie and a film is that films are for people who think.
Tommorow we will see whether The Matrix sequel is a movie or a film."



          4-8-03    Scramble45    scramble@port7alliance.com

         Port7alliance meeting Friday April 11th 9pm (-5 GMT) at irc.slashnet.org #port7alliance, also Issue4 of Radical Future Cover has been changed. Please download the new version. Please Delete the old version from your FTP's and upload the new version, the has been some issues regarding the cover as being "100%" my artwork. I have nothing further to say about this topic and would appreciate if it was not brought up at the meeting.

Thank you,
Scramble45 wrongly accused.
We took the easy approach, just changed the cover
and everything will be fine.


          4-4-03    Epiphany   epiphany@port7alliance.com

         Issue 4 of Radical Future has been released. Suggestions, typos,  comments, articles for RF5 email me.

          - Radical Future 4


         3-9-03    Epiphany   epiphany@port7alliance.com

         The production Radical Future Issue 4 is going smoothly. For any writers who still have not submitted their articles please send them to me by the 14th of this month. Also I think an IRC meeting on the 14th would also help us to organize. I will be putting up details in several days, in the meantime work on your articles. ^_^


          2-10-03    Epiphany   ( - UPDATE - )

         I am announcing the start of the production of Radical Future Issue 4. We are accepting any computer or political related material. We are very lenient with article material, meaning we accept almost anything so long as it relates to intellectual thinking, computers or humor. We are hoping to release RF4 in mid-March and I also would like to add that we are having an IRC meeting Friday February 14th starting around 8pm Eastern time. We have not decided the channel or irc server for the meeting. So check the forum for details in the upcoming days.


        12-25-02    Epiphany   ( - UPDATE - )

         Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, as a present to everyone Radical Future 3 has been released 100% done and on time. I hope you all enjoy the zine as much as we enjoyed creating it.

               - Radical Future 3


         11-28-02    Epiphany

          I've been informed that the sites run by the Edmonton 2600 crew have been shut down. The site is claiming to have been shut down by "The United States Homeland Security Act." I an not sure if these sites were indeed shut down because of the Homeland Act, however I believe it is really just an effort to inform the public of the effects this Act can have on the internet.

                - www.hackcanada.com   &   www.nettwerked.net


          11-19-02    Epiphany

          I'm not sure how many of you read The New York Times but a very disturbing article was published today. The article spoke of a (formerly top secret)  military court that ruled in favor of the elimination of the so-called "wall" between criminal investigations and intelligence gathering. This simply means that wiretaps which were mainly only used in criminal investigations will now be used more freely in simple intelligence gathering. Therefore, with this decision authorities do not need as much evidence to perform a wiretap on an individual as in past years. It only gets worst; I cached the article on the site for viewing.

                - NY Times Article On Court's Decision


          11-14-02    Epiphany

          I was at a meeting at Lehman Brothers and I picked up this equity research poster on communication while I was there. It is very informative for those who are interested in the many different types of networks and what kind of equipment is needed.

                - Lehman Bro. Networks Poster


         11-12-02    Epiphany

          "You've heard of Wardialing, Wardriving, and Warchalking, well now there's Wartyping. WarTyping is basically the act of location, and interception of radio signals transmitted by wireless keyboards onto the public airwaves by driving / walking around with the appropriate equipment."

Check it out at http://www.wartyping.com/

                - http://www.wartyping.com/


          10-22-02    Epiphany

          I've been thinking about the site's ezine production and how it can be expanded. I've recently been contemplating the idea of creating mini disc cds (185MB / 21MIN) and giving them out with Radical Future as soon as well can devise a plan for printing and distributing the ezine. The cds would contain more in depth writing and of course software. Now this is so far an idea. If you have any suggestions. Please post on our forum.

                - Forum


          10-17-02    Epiphany

          Here is a .pdf copy of "1984" by George Orwell. It is a very powerful novel and now that I'm providing a free copy on this site no one has an excuse not to read it. 

                - 1984 by George Orwell


          10-12-02    Epiphany

          I was looking over some of my internet archives that I have on my hard drive and I found a .html that can be used to "encrypt" html using Javascript. This file was originally on cyberarmy.com but due to recent upgrades of their site is no longer available. So I have decided to upload the file so that people may still use it.

                - Encrypt Your HTML

         10-8-02    Epiphany

          Today when I was checking out http://www.rootsecure.net/ and I found a very cool video of Bill Gates getting a pie smacked in his face while he was in Europe. I remember reading an article about this incident however I never saw the video before until now. The people who were responsible for the "pie throwing" was lead by a philosopher who believed that people like Bill Gates should have pies thrown at them just like in the old times.

                - Bill Gates Video (from rootsecure.net and bitstorm.org}


           10-6-02    Epiphany

           I recently finished compiling a packet which contains all types of cellular phone information. I already started making copies to give out (some of which I gave out at the last nyc2600 meeting) I would like if everyone would distribute copies but be sure to read the disclaimer. ^_^ 

Information belongs to the World!

                - Cell Packet (.Doc)
                - Cell Packet (.PDF)


          9-5-02    Epiphany

           The second issue of Radical Future has now been released and is available at www.radicalfuture.tk Also Undetected has started off the NEWS section with his article "Hackers and Cyberangels."

                - Hackers and Cyberangels


           8-5-02    Scramble45

         I just got done uploading this stuff so enjoy! ^_^